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DissWeight Program (Closed until further notice)

You have probably seen my weightloss timelapse on Unilad, Imgur or 9gag and you want to do same. Congratulations, you have completed the first step. This article will walk you through the program and the other steps and at the you will be able to subscribe. Let's give your weight loss journey a great start ! See you soon ;)

What is it ?

DissWeight is the name I have given to the program I have followed to lose 20 kg in 3 months only. It consists on a clever association of Diet and Workout strategies. To insure your success, you will also receive assistance directly from isou dw.


Who is Isou Dw ?

I was a regular guy until I decide to change my life. In the past, I tried many programs to lose weight and always failed. I have then decided to combine the best aspects of all of them to create the Ultimate Weight Loss Program. I have tried it and lost 20 kg in 3 months. If I did it, you can also do it.

Click here to see article from Unilad about my weightloss journey.

How does it work ?

It consists on a clever association of Diet and Workout.

First, we establish your profile (see the image below) and use these information to calculate your body condition indexes with professional formulas. Then, we evaluate your goals and the best way to achieve them.


PS : We do not encourage unhealthy behavior. Your goals may be balanced to ensure your safety.

What makes it better than the other programs ?

I have tried numerous programs before creating DissWeight. Most of times it was really expensive but with the promises they were offering I always thought that it would be beneficial in the end. However, as soon as I paid nobody was there anymore. I would try to follow the instructions by myself but they were not adapted to my conditions so every time I ended up failing.

With DissWeight, you will have support from me. A previous obese that went through the everyday hardship of an unfit body to the painful but rewarding journey of getting in shape. Here we do not take you as everybody else. You will receive a personalize program, we will stay in touch, listen to your feedback and update your program accordingly.

As with every initiative of the « DW » community, your Difficulties is our Work.

How do I subscribe ?

You just have to fill in the form below and our team will contact you via email. See you soon 😉

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